Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Run For Your Life: Manila - Tagaytay

Before I jet off to parts unknown, I want to wish my team mates in the Pinoy Ultra Runners good luck in the upcoming Manila to Tagaytay Run! I really wish I could join you guys!

Not only is this the 1st ultra marathon for this year, but this is also the first for the team's new beneficary, the Brain Foundation for indigent patients.

Please support the them and the foundation by purchasing limited edition RFYL Manila to Tagaytay lanyards at R.O.X. this weekend or by emailing

Gait Analysis at Second Wind

Since I am too lazy to write a welcome post, I'll just jump straight into the meat of this blog with a few old posts from my Multiply page. 


Earlier, I once blogged about the importance of getting a proper bike fit.

Bike fitting, I think is not really a tough sell, once people have some mileage under their saddle, they begin to realize the little intricacies of having the right sized equipment. A few millimeters here and a little less there can make a huge difference in balance, power and of course comfort.

However, unlike riding with the wrong equipment, few people may realize that they are running with the wrong shoe. 

Whereas you may equate some bike pain to improper sizing, very few people realize that their injuries or pain may come from the wrong type of shoes, choosing instead to think that perhaps they are running the wrong way or may have too much mileage.

Personally, I was once that kind of runner.

Til I met the SHOE GUY, SG for short, who shall remain nameless to preserve his anonymity.

For the longest time I had been thinking that I am a mild over pronator and thus I choose my shoes accordingly.

Luckily for me, an innocent remark about pronation in a coffee shop with the SG, lead to one of the biggest running revelations of my life.

 In short order, I was running barefoot on a treadmill in aforementioned SG's soon to open store, while he took videos and attempted to analyze my gait.

 After walking and running, coupled with some videos taken with SG's trusty Sony Ericsson.

As SG analyzed my gait, he came to the conclusion that I am actually not an over pronator but a neutral runner! 

 Its like the clouds opened up and the angels sang hallelujah! A Neutral Runner! I was free from the shackles of stability shoes, which I now suspect maybe the cause of the shin pain I normally experience in the 1st 2 to 3K of any run!

 WOW! This may have been just a crude visual gait analysis, but It really helped me. I can wait to try the real Gait Analysis once the imported software comes here!

In the meantime, I'm happy with this knowledge, as I set about updating my shoe closet.

For more info on gait analysis or just running shoes in general. You may contact the shoe guru through his soon to open shop:


Second Wind Running Store

88 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village QC