Friday, September 25, 2009

Disappointment at the Dua

1st off, Congratulations to my man Hector, you may have had to resort to subterfuge, but you beat me... again! Hehe! I kid! I kid!

Congrats to to Mikey! 1st time duathlete! Good job dude!

As for me, 2 flat tires was all I had to show for the day. Hay... if there's anything you can't practice for its mechanical failures and stupidity.

Well, let me explain. After a conservative-ish 1st run, I was ready and excited to get on the bike. I felt my bike time really sucked the 1st time I did this, so I was out for vindication. I took my time in transition, wore my gloves, strapped my shoes and helmet on properly, sucked my GU, hydrated and off I went!

I had barely gone 1 kilometer, you know, just getting comfy, getting into a rhythm, I had barely touched the aerobar when bam... psssssssssssshhhh!

Oh shit! I thought, I hope that sound coming from the person right beside me...

But I knew that wasn't the case!

Fine! Fuck! I'll pull over and change it as fast as I can.

Which is where the stupidity part comes in. In my haste, probably spurred on my Hector just passing me on the way to finish his 1st loop, I had failed to get the tube into the tire all the way. Meaning it was probably pinched at one point between the rim and the tire, which of course meant that when I tired to inflate it...


Yes, that's the sound it made, may aangal?

So anyway. May race being done. I made the short walk back to transition, got my stuff, loaded it into my car and waited for Hec and Mikey to get back!

I'll be honest, I tried to put on a cheery face, but its pretty hard to cheer lustily when your disappointed inside. Oh well, next race I guess.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PUR Pasig River Lanyards

Please support the Pinoy Ultra Runners and Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig foundation by buying the limited edition PUR-Pasig River lanyards for only P150!

All proceeds will go towards the foundations aim of revitalizing the Pasig River.

Lanyards are available at Second Wind Running Store or you can message me if you want one.