Friday, April 17, 2009

Running Aid 4

Its that time again. Our Team principal Neville Manaios has informed me that we have be having another series of the extremely popular Running Aid Clinics which we started last year.

Check out the poster below.

This will be on Apirl 29, Wed at R.O.X. Two topics will be covered How to Train by Doc Pao and Core Training for Runners by Al and Ligaya Viado.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Second Wind Group Run

Ran 11.6 kms yesterday with Goku and Zangief, plus Second Wind regulars Jem and Migs. Mickey had a different plan, so he only joined up on the latter half of the run. 

We finished in around a hour and 7 minutes, pace was likely around an easy 6 or 6.5 min per kilometer. 

If you'll like to join any of Second Wind's regular group runs. Just contact Hector sa shop via email or phone.

Second Wind Running Store

88 maginhawa st., teachers village QC

contact us: 
shop: 799-2089

store hours:
tues - fri 11am to 7pm
weekends 9am to 6pm

Marga's Birthday Ride

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Marga sent out an open invitation to ride with her and her bike Sixto from Manila to Tagaytay on her birthday. 

As much as I wanted to do it, I had one big problem. My road bike happened to be in parts lying in my bedroom. 

Well, no time like the present to build a bike I thought. So I packed up all that bike stuff, cleaned out my bank account and headed to All Terra. Couple of hours later... the world met Frank.

Yeah, he name is Frank, anyone got a problem with that? Its the perfect foil to my prissy MTB Lady Patricia.


Birthday ride time. Marga and I started of from Alabang Westgate. Unfortunately, the idea of a big riotous group ride boiled down two hard headed individuals who would not let the idea of searing heat and traffic ruin our best laid plans.

We made our way down Daang Hari and made our first rest stop at a Shell station somewhere past the Camella Homes property.

While Marga and I got re hydrated, Frank and Sixto too the time to get to know each other.

I think they'll be good friends.

We set off again for Tagaytay. But of course, being Pinoy, we couldn't resist stopping to take the occasional picture. Like this one of Marga and the Giant coffee cup of Amadeo.

A few more on the road pics while we rested...

And we finally made it to Tagaytay, where the initial problem of where to have lunch was quickly solved by the choice of my favorite Greek restaurant.

Where we quickly devoured everything in sight.

But of course, no birthday ride would be complete without cake! So off to Starbucks we went for some cheese cake.

Happy Birthday Again Marga. See you again next year!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Running in Puerto Princesa

One beautiful place that I found in Puerto Princesa to run is the Ramon Mitra Jr. Sports Complex.

It has a regulation rubberized track which was recently refurbished for use during last year's Palarong Pambansa. This track is comparable or even better to the one at Philsports in Ultra. According to the caretakers, the track is free for use to individuals who just want to get in a bit of training. Although large groups will have to ask permission from the city mayor.

If running on the track is not your style, you can also try running on the roads which lop around the 16 hectare sports complex. To my untrained eye they seem like asphalt and there really isn't that much traffic.

Also swimmers and triathletes rejoice, there is also a 50 Meter pool for use. Though the water color seems to show that the maintenance may leave a bit to be desired.