Saturday, September 19, 2009

Find Out What's Down the Road!

Find out about what new shoes your favorite manufacturers are going to come up with next at the Running Warehouse.

They have a cool video vault wherein they talk about shoes which have yet to be released!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pinoy Ultra Runners Run for your Life: Ilog Pasig River Edition

"At least the rain has stopped." I thought to myself as we began what was sure to be a grueling morning. 14 Pinoy Ultra Runners and guest runners, plus 35+ kms from Elisco in Pateros to Quirino Grandstand and then back to the ABS-CBN compound, all for the benefit of the Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig foundation and their fund-raising marathon.

Whoops! Spoke to soon! A few minutes after we started in the pre-dawn darkness, the rain started to pour, 1st a few light droplets then heavy pouring rain which would then stop and bless us with cloudy but shower-less weather.

That was pretty much the story of our run.

Daylight began to break around the time we crossed under C-5 on JP Rizal and we had our first glance of the muddy, dirty, fast flowing Pasig river. I distinctly remember this spot in the race, because as we passed the Manila Water Office, a very cute girl rolled down her car window and cheered us on! Go! Go! Go! And go we did, to another 30+ kilometers!

Around the 13 or 14 kilometer mark, because of the intermittent rain, I started to get "hot spots"between my toes, oh shit, I can afford to get blisters! I have a duathlon coming up!

To be honest, I really wasn't planning to do the whole distance because I was planning to preserve my legs for the aforementioned duathlon.

"Should I quit now?" I thought to myself.

"And the whole world know you could hack it? I think not" Myself quickly retorted back.

Bruised feet will heal, broken egos do not!

Fine! I'll make it all the way to Quirino and then call it a day! I'll deal with the blisters if and when they become a problem.

However I did make one concession to my feet and decided to significantly drop my pace. It seemed to do the trick as soon the "hot spots" went away. I am happy to report that although I did have a few small blisters between my toes, as I write this, they have already healed and I should be more than ready by the race on Sunday!

I can't remember much about the rest of the run and the route, I spent of of it ticking off the kilometers by taking to fellow PUR members JoSaw, who entertained us with he stories of the infamous UMTD rce she just got back from, and team principal Neville Manaois, who just plain entertained us!

Right around the time we got pass the Ayala Bridge nearing Quirino, I up my pace a bit because I saw the group ahead of me. Being friends and rivals, I didn't want them to drop me before the finish so I decided to bridge the gap to them.

At this point, Carlo, who was part of our support crew during the 1st part of the run, decided to join me and we quickly made our way to the group ahead and we finished the 1st part of the run at Quirino together!

After the picture taking and as project leader Don Ubaldo and Team Principal Neville Manaois got interviewed by the press. I scarfed down some hot taho and corn on the cob and proceeded to make my french exit.

I quickly changed in the van as the runners began to make their way out of Quirino and to ABS-CBN.

I was now on the other side of the van so to speak! Taking pictures, handing out drinks and trying to cheer the remaining runners on.

Most importantly, and this thought hit me during a sudden downpour, I was now high and dry in the van!

Hmmm, I could get used to this, maybe I should hang up the running shoes and take up support crewing full time! All the adventure! None of the pain!

Hehe! Naahhh, but the thought did cross my mind.

Anyway, long story short, the rest of them made their way to ABS-CBN, while we did our best to support them the whole way.

There, we had a short ceremony, hydrated and changed then made our way to Mr Kebab for a much deserved lunch!

Mmmmm, Mr Kebab!
More pictures and stories available at our website.

Special Thanks to:

R.O.X and TNF


and of course, Second Wind!

Officially Official! Condura Run 2010 will have a FULL marathon!

I got this text yesterday from my good friend and accomplished marathoner Pat Concepcion, I will post it below verbatim so nothing gets lost in translation!

We are pleased to announce that the Condura Run 2010 will be on Feb. 7, 2010. It will feature a full 42km marathon. The route is being finalized but will go from the Fort up Kalayaan Buendia up the Skyway all the way to Bicutan and u turn back to the Fort. The route shall also take marathoners to the on and off ramps of NAIA 3. Condura is making the announcement this early so that runners can begin training as the event is 5 months away.
More details to follow!

I am excited for this as not only did I get to run on the Skyway, I had a good finishing time of 1:47 in Condura half marathon this year. Next year's edition is a can't miss for me. As my 1st official marathon in over a year, getting to run on the Skyway and pass NAIA 3 would be a treat!

Though, I'm sure the uphill areas, i.e. going up the ramps, will be brutal!

See you guys in Condura next year!

P.S. I wonder what shoes I should get for this... paging Hector!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chafing Solution

I still vividly remember my very 1st 25km race or rather vividly remember its after math. I think I chafed in every conceivable part of my body. The last few kilometers was unbelievably painful, not only did I chafe in the "groin-al" area, I was also holding my wet singlet away from my incredibly painful nipples.

After that run, I immediately swore off wearing untested race singlets as well as ran, well hobbled over to the nearest Mercury Drug to buy not 1, but 2 tubs of petroleum jelly. It was the only non-pleasure lubricant I could think off at the time. No way, I wanted to chafe like that ever again!

Nowadays though I use this...

So much easier to apply and lasts forever! I should know, not a single chafe during last weekends long, wet run!

Best of all, thanks to my good pal Hector at Second Wind Running Store, I don't have to go to to get it. Its now available, albeit in limited stocks, at the shop for P480!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Preview: Very Wet Morning Run!

Ran around Metro Manila in the rain for a good cause! Watch out for more pictures and a full report later this week!