Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Officially Official! Condura Run 2010 will have a FULL marathon!

I got this text yesterday from my good friend and accomplished marathoner Pat Concepcion, I will post it below verbatim so nothing gets lost in translation!

We are pleased to announce that the Condura Run 2010 will be on Feb. 7, 2010. It will feature a full 42km marathon. The route is being finalized but will go from the Fort up Kalayaan Buendia up the Skyway all the way to Bicutan and u turn back to the Fort. The route shall also take marathoners to the on and off ramps of NAIA 3. Condura is making the announcement this early so that runners can begin training as the event is 5 months away.
More details to follow!

I am excited for this as not only did I get to run on the Skyway, I had a good finishing time of 1:47 in Condura half marathon this year. Next year's edition is a can't miss for me. As my 1st official marathon in over a year, getting to run on the Skyway and pass NAIA 3 would be a treat!

Though, I'm sure the uphill areas, i.e. going up the ramps, will be brutal!

See you guys in Condura next year!

P.S. I wonder what shoes I should get for this... paging Hector!

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