Thursday, November 26, 2009

Countdown to Condura 2010: The Shoes

The great thing about working in a running store, especially one like ours with its own kick-ass treadmill, is that I get to try on different pairs of running shoes to get a feel for them. This is very important to me because I can give realistic up-to-date feedback to customers and of course, I can be very sure about which shoe to purchase next.

My next shoe purchase has to have a very specific purpose, that is to get me through my 1st real marathon in over a year!

My plan is to run the Condura 42k next year in under 4 hours, shaving at least 30 mins off my personal best time at the 2008 Pasig Marathon.

To do that, I need a shoe to "carry" me through the distance.

Give you you some idea, my shoe for 10 to 21k is my trusty and favorite NB 827s. However at a lightweight 260 grams, I am unsure if I want to use them for a full mary, having not used them for anything farther than a half!

So I need a new neutral shoe with cushioning and of course a great price!

So in the end, my choices come to this...

The trusted outgoing Asics Nimbus 9, which is on sale right now or the Tubes 100, by the new kids on the block, K-Swiss.

Price-wise, factoring in the discount for the Ascis, it only comes out around 750 pesos more than the K-Swiss.

Looking at the Nimbus 9 first, there really is not much to say that hasn't been said about this shoe.

Being currently on its 11th generation, the shoe is renown for its cushioned and comfortable ride. One, which I can seriously attest to after putting a pair through its paces on the treadmill.

Having used lightweight shoes almost exclusively this year, the comfortable padded feeling has definitely something new for me.

And a big plus factor for me is that I personally think it looks really cool with the silver and red!

The downside though is I think its a bit heavy at 320 grams...

Another thing people should be aware of when buying marked down shoes is that they are usually of older stock, meaning they have been sitting in a store or warehouse for a year or more. This can be a concern because after a certain period, the glues and other materials in the shoe will begin to degrade, meaning that an "old" new shoe may not last as long as a "new" new shoe.

However, since I intend to put alot of miles on this quickly and then discard it after the BDM 102, its not a pressing concern to me.

Next up is the tubes 100.

For me, this definitely is a unique shoe. Hector and I both agree that it rides like no other shoe we've tried. Very soft and pliant in heel and fore foot area. As you can see there are "flex grooves" on the forefoot area, making it very pliant. In fact, this was the 1st thing I noticed with the shoe. The Nimbus 9 is definitely stiffer, however "ride" wise, while the Tubes is very soft, the Nimbus feels more stable and plush.

A good friend of mine says it feels abit like the Adidas bounce. Which I haven't tried yet.

A genuine cause of concern to me though is the aforementioned unique ride. On a few Ks in the treadmill, it worked fine, it was comfortable and really felt alot faster than the "leaden" feeling i get with the Nimbus. However, I believe the Nimbus will stay comfortable and consistent for 42K, will the Tubes? Or am I headed for a world of hurt?

Looks wise it comes in many colorways as you can see above, however I believe that the Asics looks "racier" while the K-Swiss looks alot better in jeans than CW-X, hehe. Porma-wise, Clubbing-wise, panalo to.

It also helps this shoe that is 20 grams lighter. I like that alot.

For me it comes down to this.

The Nimbus = comfy, and reliable.

The Tubes = lighter, faster, but unknown long run performance.


What you guys think?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bargain Bike on Ebay!

Looking for bargain bike/bike parts on, I saw a complete Tri Bike for only P 11,000!

Check it out...

May sound system pa!