Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Batanes Running 2

Having an hour or 2 break until the next event for that day, I decided to take a short run. 

Initially, I decided to run a bit around the Basco streets, passing some beautiful old but decrepit houses interspaced with cyber cafes! Ahh, progress, you really can't stop it.

As I was finishing up my run, I passed by the town plaza and sighted this.

Confirming that the lighthouse was in fact just a kilometer or two out of town, I decided to make my way there.

I made my way North of Basco. A few minutes of running on paved roads and after asking directions from a friendly old lady, I found myself here.

Apparently, it was a short cut which would go straight up the mountain, rather than a round about way.

Just a quick run pass the cemetary...

and a short but wild trip up some underbrush; I ended up at the base of the light house.

Of course I couldn't stop here. I didn't come all this way to check out the base of a lighthouse. But before going in, I saw this...

Yes! Solar powered! High tech! And Green!

So, on to the more important things. The base of the lighthouse is apparently always open so any one can make his or her way to the top.

50 Steps later and I encountered this a ladder with a sign.

NO ENTER! Being in the Honesty capital of the Philippines, I decided to heed the request. Even if the inner kid in me screamed to find out what was up there.

Instead, I steped out on the circular balcony the goes around the top of the lighthouse and took in the spectacular view.

That's Mt. Iraya in the background! Seeing its summit perennially covered in clouds during my stay there is one of the top reasons I am going back to Batanes.

From up here, I could see that path I took going up. 

Don't worry, there's a less exotic but longer path if you choose. 

After visiting the lighthouse, I decided to take in some of the sights surrounding it.

Check out the beauty of the rugged Batanes coastline.

And what I think is an abandoned former American something.


  1. NO ENTER!!!!


  2. huwaw! gusto ko pumunta dyan!!! ;)