Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was reading an article online titled: DNF: Black Mark or Better than a Bad Time?

Before this year, I would have just read this and moved on. But this time, it struck a cord with me because I had just recently broken a string of DNFs. Well, 2 of them to be exact.

This was the reason why I rather petulantly and abruptly stopped blogging and reduced my training. Normally, I pride myself on being able to suffer through anything and finish, so those DNFs really took the wind out of my sails.

My 1st DNF was in the Nuvali Off Road Duathlon, which was definitely a case of "Better than a bad time."

Coming of the 1st run, I was strongly placed in my age group and going into a MTB portion with some PNP or Army guy who I realized where novices on the saddle, I felt I could have placed well. Sure enough, I had quickly overtaken them in the first few meters on the bike and it was just me and a very strong biker from Xterra (who went on to win our age group).

But disaster struck my race when I we reached a particularly muddy portion. Being that the clearance on my bike between the tires and frame was minimal, I was quickly bogged down and ended up on the side of the trail frantically clearing mud from my bike. Only to stop and do it again a few meters down the road. Long story short, I was quickly passed by alot of my age group and seeing my previously very good race go awry, mentally I just snaped. Frustrated amd thinking" what's the point?", I took my 1st DNF of the year.

Check out the mud!

The second DNF was more of a case of "over confidence and undertraining lead to serious knee injury."

About 20 kms into this years TNF 100, after attempting to run up and down the mountainous route, I started feeling a stabbing pain in my knee. It got so bad to the point that I couldn't run anymore and took over 12 hours to finish my 1st 50k.

When I got back to the start finish area, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and I should perserve my knee for future races. Still, it bummed me to have to make that decision and for being in a position where I had to make that decision.

Down! (That's Sir Willy)



I have to admit, those two DNFs following my disappointment late last year following Carrera Habagat lead to my near disappearance from the running, racing, and bloging world.


I'm ok now. Hehe, I took my lumps and realized I missed the thrill of running, biking, and racing too much. As the song goes, I'm wiser now... Mentally and physically, I hope I am tougher.

And even with my bum knee, I was glad to finally finish last weekend's Ateneo run, though I ran as a bandit (for the 1st time ever) because I woke up too late to register, but that's a story for another day...

BTW. I'd like to belatedly congratulated my good friend and training buddy for finishing his 1st duathlon in trying conditions last Nuvali duathlon.


  1. hey thanks bro! hahahaha!! tagal na nito ah! dude, wala ka lang sa kondisyon kaya ka nagkakaganyan...

  2. mikey and jeremy baklaan!

  3. margadoodles... kasama ka sa bromance sa linggo ha!