Friday, July 24, 2009

Lance Armstrong: Iron Man?

Once, while we were watching the 2008 Kona Iron Man in Second Wind. We played around with the idea of getting the best in each discipline, like getting Phelps, Armstrong, and Gebreselassie, and seeing who would win.

Armstrong would top it, I mused, he has tri background anyway. Back then, we figured it would be a long shot to see him try Kona, but considering he now runs marathons for fun, it was possible.

Well, according to, Radio Shack, the new team sponsor of LA has said:

"Beginning in 2010, Lance Armstrong will compete for Team RadioShack as a cyclist, runner and triathlete in events around the world, including the 2010 Tour de France,"

Interesting, we know the man can bike (7 TdF wins and he's good on the TT), he can run (2:46 NYC Marathon), but can he swim? I bet he can.


  1. oh, something to really look forward to! go lance! umm... Btw, good to see you blogging again jeremy! ;)

  2. Nice post Jeremy! Lance Armstrong is really something ; the French can't seem to get off his back as they seem hellbent on proving he doped. They couldn't. And now in this year's Tour, as essentially an old man, under intense scrutiny, he even contended for awhile before eventually settling for what seems to be a sure podium finish. I wouldn't be surprised if he does well in an Ironman. Nice post, thanks for sharing!