Monday, September 7, 2009

Proper Pedal stroke

Following an early morning run-swim workout with the members of Second Wind runners and some members of Tri-Polar, my good friend and future triathlete decided to take the next big step of cycling by buying pedals and cleats for his road bike.

Of course, everyone who buys a new bike part knows, when you get it, you gotta try it, right awya! Rain or no rain! So we went to UP to test his new pedals and shoes and that is where I found out how hard it is to be chasing after a 20 year old track star on a bike.

Suffice to say, in contest of fitness versus experience, fitness won... yet again.

Which got me thinking, if I can "out-strong", I've got to "out-efficient" him. (Yeah those aren't real words, but give me a break, I just spend the past hour chasing after a 20 year for 30 kms.)

Which got me googling this...

The perfect pedal stroke!

Since, I'm way to nice to purposely sabotage his training (though I am still leaving that option open ;D) I decided that every stroke from now on must be perfect, no wasted energy!

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