Friday, October 23, 2009

Race Against the Clock

Its been a long time since my last "real" blog post. Alot of things have happened since then, as we all know, a typhoon hit us, and the resultant relief efforts and postponement of work/school has mean't that I personally have spent the last 2 weeks running around trying to catch up on work and my MBA classes, something had to give... which unfortunately was this blog. And of course training for White Rock. Don't get me wrong, I still fully intend to participate in the said little race, but I guess personal expectations will need to be adjusted, as up to now, I still can get into a training groove.

However, I did manage to get in some race the past few weeks, running the 16k at Octoberun and the 21k at QCIM, I guess I may blog about those sometime, especially the QC one because that was a load of fun, supporting our friends who did the 42k after we finished our 21.

But that's not the point of this entry.

This one is about a thought that occurred to me last night.

You know how some runners say that don't run against anyone, they're just out there to have fun, etc?

I think that'll bull.

Everyone is running against someone/something. Its primal, consciously or sub-consciously, we all run to beat someone/thing.

I think its hardwired in our DNA. Look at our history, our ancestors evolved to stand upright so they could run against Dumbos great great grand parents in the early African savannah. We ran so we can kill! Doesn't get more basic and primal than that!

And everyone of us, carries inside us, this undeniable urge to chase something, beat it down with a stick and eat it... well, ok maybe that's taking it too far. But you get my drift.

So me, who do I run against? Well, aside from the obvious.

I run against the clock... like all runners do. Whether they admit it or not. The same people who say they don't run with a watch and they don't check the time are the exact same people who go online every single day waiting for race results to come out so they can see their time! ;)

I hate that clock! I know its the same clock, but why does it run so slow during trainings... LSDs seem to take forever... but run so fast during races... What?!?!? that was more than 2 hours???

Hehe, if there was one thing I'd really like to run down and hunt, it'll be that damn clock.

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