Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Wish and then some...

With the launch of our Secondwind Christmas Registry, I had got to thinking about what I would like to receive for Christmas.

Being a huge fan of fast and light shoes, I decided to check out the shoes of the top 15 finishers of Kona to see if there was anything interesting.

Off the bat a few things caught my eye...

There was the Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 of Chris McCormack...
The Saucony Grid Type 2 of Dirk Bockel...

The Asics Speedstar of Matias Hecht...
But my personal favorite of all the shoes was the K-Swiss K-Ruuz of Andreas Raelert....

6.5OZ!!! Lighter than a Ronin!

Unfortunately, none of these are available locally... yet...

So until then, I guess I can comfort my feet with these...

K-Swiss K-ona Ironman Edition!!!

Yes, I have been good this year!


  1. I've been good this year too!!

  2. nice... reward for the second place finish!

  3. @Pao, not as good as the wheelset, you'll give Chin! Hehe, btw, 6 sila sa division niya ah! Fair and Square yun 3rd niya!

    @Carlo, I'll get those too! Plus the K-Ruuz when it comes out! K-Swiss addict na ako

  4. AHHHGGGHH. Damn wheelset! Good job babe if you are reading this!

  5. i'm trying to decide if my next project shoe is the K-Ona or the NB 1064 :)

  6. the ASICS Gel Hyperspeed 3 are nice and i used them for my 3 marathon finish this year. nice post!

  7. @Carlo

    ako naman tubes or nimbus 9 para sa condura

  8. Thanks Sir Bald Runner!

    I hope to try those shoes one day soon too!

  9. the grid type 2 is sweet! gusto ko sana yan kaso good boy din yung road bike ko e. siya na lang bibigyan ko ng regalo. :)

  10. Ronald, Tama yan! Hehe, Powerade ka? All the secondwind guys will be there