Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello 2010!

Hello Blog Fans!

You're probably wondering where I've been the past few months.

Well to be honest, its been a pretty busy, hectic, and tiring couple of months. Not just physically but also emotionally and mentally and all that.

Not to say I wasn't completely out of the running scene. I did a few triathlons and BDM 102, so at least this years bucket list has a few check marks.

But, I had some family concerns and work overload, which unfortunately meant that training, racing and this blog was on the place on the back burner.

Hopefully now I can manage to do this on a semi-regular basis because I always found this to be one of the more fun things that I do.

So. there, thats it for now.

I'll post something in a couple of days.

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