Sunday, April 19, 2009

Biking Weekend Part 1

I had two back to back rides over the weekend.

First up was a Saturday morning ride from Second Wind to Giant Store and back again. Since it was Enzo's 1st time on a mountain bike, Mickey and I thought that were would be no better place to take him than the Shotgun trail, or as my friend Karen calls it "SHEYT-Gun".

Mickey and Zo on the Shotgun Trail

After much huffing and puffing up the mountain, we finally reached the top. And to his credit Enzo did surprisingly well, much better than Mickey and I thought he would. I guess there is really no substitute for the energy of youth! 

We then proceed on the the Giant store and had what Enzo the Engineer proclaimed to be the best SPAM he has ever tasted!

After a short rest amidst a brief rain shower, we were on our way back to UP and Second Wind. This is when I made the monumental mistake of thinking that perhaps the Nursery Trail was also passable.

Big mistake, less than 1 minute down the single track and I knew I was in deep... mud. The thic clay kind which clogs up everything even your tires.

Well, we were there anyway, so we tried to make the best of it. But I think the two weren't very happy with me after that...

Mickey and Zo in the Nursery area

After much more huffing, puffing and pushing, we made our way to the Timberland Gate, where Mickey and I proceeded to test our newbie's courage by flying down the Wall.

Happy to report that he survived in one piece and we all made it back to the Second Wind Shop ready to ride another day... hopefully far in the future!


  1. Best Spam ever! That made our trip...
    Enzo's buying a bike!

  2. I heard! Na addict na. Mountains, Mud, and SPAM is an addicting combination!