Sunday, April 19, 2009

Biking Weekend Part 2: ToF

After my muddy Saturday adventure, my dear mountain bike Patricia was not really up to another ride. So it fell upon Frank the roadie to be my Sunday steed for the Tour of the Fireflies.

I met Marc, Karen, Alvin and Lance at the start point in Tiendesitas where the start point for the ride would be.

Nothing much to report on the ride.
  • We clogged up most of EDSA northbound to SM North Edsa, Southbound to Buendia and back again to Tiende. I figure there were alot of pissed motorists and commuters this morning.
  • Karen figured that the reason it was a ride for clean air as that the organizers wanted us to inhale all the lingering pollutants on Metro Manilas main choke point
  • Though I think it wouldn't do much good because after we had inhaled all the pollutants we left our own dirty air... the sweaty, B.O. kind because of the oppressive heat!
  • The nice thing about the Tour is that it serves as a biking reunion of sorts.
  • I ran into running buddies Vangie and Vima. Cross Training I would guess.
  • Also saw PUR team mate Don as well as alot of PMTB friends. 

Lance doesnt look too happy about the heat.

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