Saturday, March 21, 2009

Condura Run Tommorrow! I am Ninoy Runners, And More Second Wind News!

Who Hoo!!! First Half Marathon of the Year! I hope I can get my PR! 

Moreover though, tomorrow I and around 50 other runners will be donning the I am Ninoy Singlets to officially inaugurate the I am Ninoy Running Club.

Ms. Mayi Lopa had this to say about the movement in an email.
In summary, I Am Ninoy is not a political movement.  It is an endeavor to bring out the hero in the Filipino.  There is so much poverty and one way to eliminate this is providing education to the less privileged.  We have talked to a group called "5775 Reverse the Education Crisis" to help us facilitate this objective. This group is composed of a number of large corporations that provide funding and technical support. You may be wondering why they call themselves 5775--in a survey done nationwide, it was learned that the average grade of a student is 57% while the passing grade is 75%--thus 5775 to signify the gap that needs to be reveresed in the counry's educational crisis.  They have developed assistance packages in their program to address what they've identified to be the most critical needs.  These include the following:

Nutrition through in-school feeding programs (it was found out that the students were performing bad because of lack of nutrition)

Materials through providing reading, math and science workbooks 

Infrastructure -- building classrooms/buildings 

Everyone can be a hero in his/her own little way. 
So tommorrow, we will not only run for the whale sharks but for the children too. So many causes so little kms to run them all!

In other news, I was at the shop again earlier.

Guess what arrived...

Boxes and boxes of Optic Nerve!!

I've been using the Optic Nerve Savant for sometime now, in fact I'll be using it tom, and I can tell you its very good. Great for running, it's light, great lenses and its surprisingly affordable!



(Yes, its that good, I have to say it twice!)

ASICS are now in!!!

Finally I may get to try Asics soon!

Check some of these out! Gel Nimbus 9 and Gel Kayano

So Beeeyotiful! I want those Gel Nimbus! Matches the offical PUR uniform!

Ones last thing... a little bird told me...

The will be very, very good discounts on all these Asics shoes when the store opens!

You didn't hear that from me.

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