Friday, March 20, 2009

What's New at Second Wind?

The New Balance Stocks are in!!!

Check out some of this stuff.

Water Bottle with Pouch and Holder.

Those who don't like to wear lumbar belts or simply like to hold thier bottles like my friend Neville will enjoy this, to be a bit different it has a pouch you can carry a few things like change and car keys.

Lightweight New Balance Shoes

I forgot the number, but I think I am looking at my next running shoe. I've been a fan of New Balance since I got my first running shoe a NB 1060.  I know NBs to usually be very comfortable on the feet, which is a primary concern to me, moreso than outright speed.

Though, a little extra speed always helps, so I am looking for a lightweight shoe to complete my arsenal.

Looking at it, its definitely very light and looks fast. I hope to get a pair to test soon. (Right? Hector?)

Track Shoes!!!

Though I probably wouldn't use these often. I'd love to get a pair to play with sometime. Just to get a different feel. Hehe.

Comes with spikes!

New Balance 909

For those planning to take on the TNF100, this shoe has been very well reviewed.

BTW Second Wind has a new landline: # 799-2089 and is still on track to open on March 28!


  1. Dito ko ngayon! Ang ganda nga nung NB trail shoes. Steeg yung track shoes no?