Friday, March 20, 2009

Running Batanes Part 1

For me, the islands of Batanes is a must visit for every Pinoy Nature Lover. The scenery that you will encounter there is probably like nothing you have ever seen before here in our country. I know this is cliche, but in a away it reminded me of Lord of the Rings!

Being there recently for work, I couldn't help but also getting some running in. 

So what is it like running in Batanes.

Firstly, pack accordingly. In the three days I was there, the 1st two had searing heat and blinding sunlight, only suddenly turn without warning to turn to a light drizzle with gale force winds! Very very Cold! The locals say such tempermental weather is the norm for the area.

What kind of shoes?

If you choose to run the town proper of Basco, all you would encounter is asphalted or concrete roads. So road shoes are ok. But I really urge you to get out of town and experience the beautiful views as you run. 

For this you may need trail shoes as the roads can alternate between paved and unpaved. However I used a highly cushioned road shoe with little trouble, so long as you're careful. 

But I suggested you bring trails shoes like I also did if only to experience the vast single track network that Batanes has to offer.

Which at one point, took me to what I call "my lonely little spot at the edge of the world."

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  1. Beautiful pictures! :) We're going to Batanes in a few days and I want to be able to still follow my training schedule. Could you suggest a 10K route there? Or is there a race track in Basco? Thanks! :)